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IDR058 – NO CONFIDENCE – Keep Going Nowhere


“Keep going nowhere”, first record from No Confidence. “Keep going nowhere” was recorded in late 2013 in our home studio by our drummer mastro banfio and it’s the result of 1 year together trying to do what we really like and we’ve always liked despite everithing else, because, sometimes, you dont’ know the destination, but it’s great to keeping follow what you like even though you just keep going nowhere.



Keep going nowhere” befördert jeden Couch-potato in ein sportliches Leben, denn frische Luft und Bewegung ist wichtig. Balance and mistakes. Raff dich auf und entdecke deine Talente, mach deine Erfahrungen, halt dich fit, damit du Schritt und Takt halten kannst…

  • 1) Still Here
    2) No Confidence
    3) Don’t Change
    4) Deep Breath
    5) Bitter Taste
    6) Empty Heads Are Trying To Take Off
    7) Living a Plastic Life
    8) Keep On Expecting Nothing
    9) Cloudy Skyline
    10) Different Life
    11) Fake Mask Of Anger
    12) Old Wreck
    13) Poor Imitation
    14) Already Gone
    15) The Taste Of Blood
    16) Fog
    17) Balance And Mistakes
    18) From The Stereo

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