Indelirium Records News
DANNY TREJO (ottobre 21, 2017 12:08 pm)
SCARFOLD (agosto 23, 2017 9:57 pm)
FINGERS TO THE BONE (luglio 27, 2017 10:07 pm)
BRIGHT END (marzo 3, 2017 10:40 pm)
FIRST BRAWL (ottobre 23, 2016 10:15 pm)



Emanuele (Pelo) Pelanda vocals | Mirko Capellari (Cape) chitarra | Maurizio Saturnia (Mauri) chitarra | Michele Busola (Brise) basso | Fabio Ferrari (Pane) batteria

ROUND7 was established in 2009 in the north of Italy, inspired mostly by the old school New York Hardcore scene. In 2012, after a few line-up changes the band releases its first full-length album “Dedicated To New York Hardcore” recorded at Gipsy Studios in Verona, and the first official video-clip of the single “Society”. With this first work these guys wanted to represent the crucial influence that the New York Hardcore scene had on them, although they come from different experiences and genres. in November 2013 the band release an EP ”United Kids“ featuring 2 new songs that opens up the way to the following full-length album “No Excuse” which is then distributed in 2015 by the independent Italian label INDELIRIUM RECORDS (SLANDER, DAMN CITY, STRANGE FEAR, STRAIGHT OPPOSITION etc…). The band starts its rise playing a lot of live shows in the Italian scene along with band like RAW POWER, INDIGESTI, MUD, DAMNCITY, FACE YOURE ENEMIES, STRAIGHT OPPOSITION, DEVOTION, STRANGE CORNER and many more; in that period the guys share the stage with some big bands also like PRO-PAIN, MADBALL, LASH DOWN, BROTHERS IN ARMS. In September 2016 the line-up has its last changes adding a second guitar player (Mauri – former Riul Doamnei) and a new kickin’ drummer (Pane – former Raw Power). The band is now touring and composing new songs for their upcoming album in 2017.

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