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IDR051 – MY DISTANCE – Tomorrow Will Become Today


My Distance are back with a new album, new reflections in a new impact. 13 tracks for fans of Comeback Kid, Verse and Sick of It All.


Se da un lato domina la continuità stilistica col passato, dunque, dall’altro si percepisce una rinnovata sicurezza nei propri mezzi, uno scatto per allontanarsi dai modelli e trovare una propria dimensione. Come nel giro di basso infinito di ‘Our World Won’t Die With Me’ che guarda indietro sicuramente all’immediatezza del
punk primigenio e alla linearità della wave.

Usually bands remind me of other bands with their musical style, but never has a band confused me into thinking they’re another. While listening to one track on “Tomorrow Will Become Today” I had to check my iTunes to see if I didn’t play a COMEBACK KID track by mistake…


  • 1) Still Here
  • 2) Unheard
  • 3) Back On My Steps
  • 4) Instants Are A Lie
  • 5) Our World Won’t Die With Me
  • 6) Non-Injective
  • 7) Depressurized
  • 8) We Are Nothing Of This
  • 9) Relativistic
  • 10) Implode With Your Own Void
  • 11) Fair Heart
  • 12) Domain
  • 13) The Incontestable End

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