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IDR047 – THE MEMORY – Eulogy For A Dead Ocean


Death of the ocean as the loss of values like humanity and sensibility; and the depth of a dead ocean as absence of personality, lack of deep contents and tendency to simplify. 10 new tracks for fans of Comeback Kid and Casey Jones!


THE MEMORY off this release with “Butterfly Effect” after the album’s intro and land their first bomb with the fast guitars, and the genre-defining vocals screamed by Giancarlo with pure ferocity. “Night of the Living Dead” continues on with the onslaught and cuts you down with more and more razor sharp sound waves. What’s the rest of the album like? Well, if each track here is a sword slash, you’d end up in little bits and pieces by the end of this release…

Stilisticamente, siamo dalle parti di quel “modern old school” hardcore che un tempo ha fatto la fortuna dei Comeback Kid e che abbiamo in parte avuto modo di ascoltare anche nei lavori di Casey Jones e di certi…

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  • 1) Intro
  • 2) Butterfly Effect
  • 3) Night Of The Living Dead
  • 4) Unchained
  • 5) Suggestions
  • 6) Li(f)e
  • 7) The Difference
  • 8) Through My Eyes
  • 9) Alive
  • 10) Echoes

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