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IDR032 – WHALES’ISLAND – Not A Dream, But Never The End


10 tracks, so melodic, a little bit rock, a little bit indie, a little bit hardcore… listen to, “From The Start Till The End”.


“Not A Dream, But Never The End” is the debut Indelirium Records release from Italian rockers Whales’ Island. The quintet, based in Palermo, Sicily, Whales’ Island dub themselves “a melodic band, a little bit hardcore, a little bit punk, a little bit indie rock,” and cite Set Your Goals and Polar Bear Club as influences…

The first time I popped Whales’Island’s Not a Dream, But Never the End into the CD player, I was convinced the singer of melodic hardcore act Death Is Not Glamorous had a new band. These two respective frontmen just sound that similar. As it turns out, they’re not even from the same country-DING hail from Norway, and Whales’Island from Italy. However, Whales’Island do call Death Is Not Glamorous a primary influence, as they do Polar Bear Club…

  • 1) We Are Alone
  • 2) I Can Walk Again
  • 3) Grate And Intense Years
  • 4) From The Start Till The End
  • 5) Whales
  • 6) Sorry I’m Not So Famous… like You
  • 7) Identity
  • 8) Time Flies
  • 9) Values
  • 10) Breathing… running

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